dropController V1

The controller had already gone through several iterations before I called it version 1
This may be interesting due to the LCD screen and the menu system.

dropController V2

dropController version 2 started as a simple 3 valve controller controlled by a host computer over USB. I later added Bluetooth and an Android app and finally added 3 more valves. Due to how the device developed certain parts were a compromise. For example, the pins used for the solenoid valves.

dropController V2 build guide

Build guide for a version 2 in a project box. Out of date but could be useful if you are building your own. This was when the Bluetooth version and the PC version were separate projects.

DropController V3 with additional sensor triggers

The dropController starter life as a multipurpose trigger I called camControl and for a while I played with the idea of adding back external triggers. This resulted in the dropController with sensor mode. After the novelty wore off I realized the dropController was for water drops and removed the sensor triggers.