What is the dropController?
The dropController is a very accurate high speed valve controller used for water drop photography.

Is the dropController good for beginners.
Yes, absolutely. The dropController is easy to get started with.

Will I out grow the dropController?
I can’t guarantee to will never out grow the dropController but is is highly unlikely. The dropController is available with 6,8, or 16 valve ports that let you keep on expanding as you develop your drop photography. Once you have mastered the basics, the dropController has advanced functions to help you get to the next level.

Is plain water good for water drop photography.
No. Water is not a good medium/liquid to use unless thickener agents are added.

What thickener agents do you recommend?
My go to thickeners are guar and xantham gum but there are many more. Gelatine, can be used as well as the commercial food and drink thickeners such as ThickenUP and xxxxx