New firmwares for dropControllerV4 and dropControllerV4 mkII. Fixed a bug in the Camera Trigger time when using SYNC mode and very large offsets times. Get from the downloads page.


Started the slow process of updating the website. For anybody interested, still WordPress but moving from a hotchpotch hack of hand written code to blocks and a slightly more modern layout.


Updated the dropControllerV3 files and moved then all back to the download page.


Shoot From Below bottom stand introduced. See the price list for details.


dropController V4 updated firmware to DC4_606.
Added a valve close time out function. Bug fix to BULB mode offset times.
Available on the download page.


Posted the latest dropControllerV3 firmware and the updated Android app.


dropControllerV3 PCB. The KiCad files for the dropControllerV3 posted for download.
dropControllerV3 acrylic case. Plans and files to cut your own acrylic case posted. See the DIY menu.


dropControllerV4 officially launched.
Long time in development. Thank you to all the beta testers. You all helped a great deal.


Minor update the the dropControllerV3 construction guide.


Started reorganising and updating the guides


Posted new updates.
Windows app version 2021.1.1.1 now available on the dropController downloads page.
Android app version 2021 available on the Play Store and version 2021_003 available as a beta on the dropController downloads page.


Windows app version 2020_008_101 available in beta. See the downloads page for details.


New Shoot From below (SFB) guide.


Windows app version 2020_2_7_1 available in beta. See the downloads page for details.


Android app version 2020_007_002 available in beta. See the downloads page for details.


Android app version 2020_007_001 available in beta. See the downloads page for details.


Featured on HACKADAY.


New facebook page. Very early days and I hope to post guides and tutorials as they are available.


More-or-less finished updating the new user guide.


Just posted an update the the Windows app. It looks like I used the wrong source files last time I updated the App so I fixed it again. The latest app is dropController_WinApp_2020-001-001. This update corrects the delta values shown in the Loop Page.


Updated apps posted. Changed the Loop Mode delay to seconds.
Apps updated to version 2019_006_xxx which I am calling final. Links on the Downloads page.
The latest android app is now available in the Play Store


dropControllerV3 user guide added. Link on the Downloads page.


Decided to stop adding things and concentrate on water drops. Removed the sensor connections used for high speed photography and may spin this off as a separate project using one of the newer faster Arduino compatible boards. Need to finalize the PCB and write a user manual.


Minor update to the circuit.
I removed the GND labels from the camera and flash trigger connections as these were misleading. A couple of people had commented that they had connected these to the GND on the PCB which is incorrect. The camera and flash connections should be connected to the optocoupler only. The labels on the trigger plugs have changed to FLASH TRIGGER GND, FLASH TRIGGER VCC to show that they are the flash connection only.


Experimental Sensor Mode published. See the Sensor Mode page.


Found an issue with the circuit diagram related to auxiliary triggers. Have updated the diagrams on the V3 page.
The changes do not effect camera, flash, or valve triggers.


Finished adding flash 3 trigger
Updated the dropController V3 sketch.
Updated the Android app.
Updated the Windows App.
The new apps require a firmware upgrade on the dropController device. Please update to Sketch_2019_V3_005_01 or higher.


Made some minor changes to dropController V3 circuit diagram. The circuit has not changed only the diagram. Wanted to show the position of the optional manual valve drain switch more clearly.


Updated the Arduino sketches (V2 and V3), updated the windows app, updated the Android app.
dropController V3 and V2 now use the same Windows app and Android app. They still have different firmware/sketches though.


There have been offers for PCB design. René sent a design, Theo has a design, and Luc is working on a design.
I think the main one will be Luc’s but I will post all designs if the designer agrees.


Version 2 in no longer being developed.
I plan to update the V3 apps to make them compatible with the V2 controller and I will still fix bugs if any are found. If you are planning on building a controller please build version 3.