dropController is a beginner friendly professional system for water drop photography.
The dropController system has been designed by water drop enthusiasts for water drop enthusiasts and is the most advanced drop controller available. Straight forward to get started with yet with many advanced functions and features that make experimentation easy and fun.

dropControllerV4. The most advanced water drop photography controller available.

dropControllerV4 intermediate 3 valve set.


I started drop photography many years ago and started developing the dropController when I wanted better control of the collisions and splashes. I found other drop devices limited and difficult to use and so started to develop my own system.

The dropController has always been developed with ease of use in mind, and over time has been refined and updated to meet the needs of all droppers; whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced user.

The dropController systems allow you to start as simple as you wish and become as advanced as you want. dropController allows you to start in a very simple way but does not limit you as you progress to advanced drops.

The dropController has a different approach than other drop devices. With most devices you enter a drop size, a delay, another drop size. I found this technique very limiting and it can be difficult to get the timings right. The dropController uses a drop priority method where each drop is independent and not related to or restricted by other drops. Changing a delay or a drop size does not effect the timings of any other drops.

Screen shot from the dropControllerV4 app.

Each drop has several properties; valve, size, start time, and delta values. You start with the drop, select a valve, enter the drop times. This method allows far more flexibility and advanced experimentation than other methods.

A key feature of the dropController system is Loop Mode. In Loop Mode you can automatically increase or decrease times while looping. Makes set up and getting collisions very easy.

The below (out dated) video introduces the dropController and explains Loop Mode and delta values. In the video I am using a 3 valve version of dropControllerV2 with a single valve. The dropController is controlled from the old Android app (the app has been updated since the video. The new app has the same functions).

This is a very simple dining room table setup using a retort stand, a single valve and milk as the liquid. Using a lab/retort stand is an easy and fairly cheap way to get started with drop photography.

Please note that the apps have been updated since the video was made.



The most advanced drop photography system available.

dropControllerV4 is a professional water drop photography kit that is powerful, extremely accurate, and easy to use. Control is performed using a clear and responsive webapp.

  • 12v or 24v
  • 8 Valve ports
  • Up to 48 drops (soft limit. Can be extended)
  • Camera, Flash, and auxiliary trigger ports/li>
  • Status LCD screen
  • Powerful, fast, dual-core processor
  • Extremely precise timings
  • Clear and easy to use control app
  • Compatible with 2.4ghz wifi networks

Compatible with any wifi device that has a modern web browser; phone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC.
dropControllerV4 is available as a fully assembled device.

dropControllerV4 water drop photography controller.



dropControllerV4 Control App

The dropControllerV4 is controlled from a clear, easy to use webapp.
dropControllerV4 app screen shot banner


Wifi Connectivity

The dropControllerV4 is compatible with 2.4ghz wifi networks.

see dropControllerV4 for more details.



Very precise 6 valve controller.

dropControllerV3 with the new case.


The dropControllerV3 features:
– Connections for 6 solenoid valves
– Camera shutter trigger
– Flash trigger
– 2 auxiliary triggers
– Advanced shutter trigger modes
– 3 independent trigger controls
– Loop Mode using delta values (easy collisions)
– Auto save drop data
– Auto save main settings

dropControllerV3 is compatible with cameras that can use a wired shutter release cable.
dropControllerV3 comes with a Windows program or an Android app. Sorry no IOS version (have a look at dropControllerV4).

dropControllerV3 is available as
– a fully assembled device (no longer recommended for new purchases).
– a self assembly kit
– full DIY


Easy to use control apps

The dropControllerV3 is controlled from a Windows program or an Android app. Sorry, no apple IOS version. Apple users please consider dropControllerV4.

Android App

Easy to use. Easy to understand. Get started in seconds.
dropController Android app screen shots
The Android app is Compatible with the dropControllerV2 and V3 devices.

Windows App

Clean and clear interface. All the key drop data available in one easy to use panel.

see dropControllerV3 for more details.