The dropController is a 6 valve controller for water drop photography. It is one of the most advanced drop controllers available yet easy to use. The dropController is controlled from a Windows program or an Android app. Sorry no IOS version.

The dropController is compatible with cameras that can use a wired shutter release cable.

The dropController features:
– Connections for 6 solenoid valves
– camera shutter trigger
– 3 independent flash triggers

– Up to 9 drops. Each drop separately controlled
– Bulb mode or shutter trigger
– Flash trigger control
– Loop mode using delta values (automatically increase or decrease times while looping)
– Auto save drop data
– Auto save main settings

The dropController has a different approach to other drop devices. With most drop devices you start with the valve and assign a drop to the valve and use a drop size – delay – drop size technique. I found this technique limiting and so went for drop priority. With the dropController you start with the drop and assign a valve to it. Each drop has several properties; size, start time, and delta values. This method allows far more flexibility than using delays.


Android App

Rewritten for version 3. Compatible with the dropControllerV2 and V3 devices.


Windows App

Rewritten for version 3. Compatible with the dropControllerV2 and V3 devices.
Cleaner interface using tabs rather than popup windows.
Drop time graph – visual guide to the drop times.

If you have soldering experience then you should be able to build your own dropController. If you don’t fancy building one then fully assembled devices are available; see the price list.

The dropControllerV3, dropControllerV3 kits, and accessories are now available. No shop yet but if you are interested see the price list and send me a mail.

The below video introduces the dropController and explains Loop Mode and delta values. In the video I am using a 3 valve version of dropControllerV2 with a single valve. The dropController is controlled from the old Android app (the app has been updated since the video. The new app has the same functions).

This is a very simple dining room table setup using a retort stand, a single valve and milk as the liquid. Using a lab/retort stand is an easy and fairly cheap way to get started with drop photography.

Please note that the apps have been updated since the video was made.

The dropController started life as a DIY project and I encourage everyone interested to try building their own. See the DIY section.

Don’t fancy making your own then dropControllers and kits are available. See the price list; link on the right hand side.

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