The dropController is a DIY Arduino based solenoid valve controller used in water drop photography. It can create or control up to 9 drops and can use up to 6 valves.

The dropController V3, dropController V3 kits, and dropController V3 PCBs are now available. No shop yet but if you are interested send me a mail or leave a message in the forum.

The dropController features:
– Connection for camera focus and shutter trigger
– Connection for flash trigger
– Connections for 6 solenoid valves (image still show the 3 valve version)

– Up to 9 drops. Each drop separately controlled
– Mirror lock up option
– Bulb mode or shutter trigger only
– Camera shutter and focus control (auto focus only)
– Flash trigger control
– Loop mode (Keep looping until you stop it)
– Increase or decrease times while looping
– Auto save drop data
– Auto save main settings

The dropController can be controlled by an Android app over Bluetooth or from a Windows program using a usb connection. Sorry no IOS version.

All files and diagrams can be downloaded and if you know which end of a soldering iron to hold you should be able to build you own dropController.

The below video introduces the dropController and explains Loop Mode and delta values. In the video I am using a 3 valve version of dropControllerV2 with a single valve. The dropController is controlled from the old Android app (the app has been updated since the video. The new app has the same functions).

This is a very simple dining room table setup using a retort stand, a single valve and milk as the liquid. Using a lab/retort stand is an easy and fairly cheap way to get started with drop photography.

Please note that the apps have been updated since the video was made.

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