Basic Set Up

The dropController is fairly straight forward to connect up:
– Shutter lead to your camera.
– Flash trigger lead to a flash(es)
– Solenoid valve lead to a solenoid valve.
– Power in to power.
– If you are using the PC control app, a USB lead to the computer.


This picture shows the basic connections; Camera connected to the Camera Trigger port, a single flash connected to Flash Trigger 1, a solenoid valve connected to SOL 1, and a USB lead goes to a PC.

If you find the trigger leads or the valve leads are not quite long enough they can be made longer with extensions.

Here are 2 flash guns connected to a single flash trigger through a Y cable / headphone splitter.
Y connectors are an easy was to chain flash guns together and they can be piggy backed to add more flashes.

Here I have 4 flash guns connected wirelessly using the Yongnuo system. This is my regular set up.


Flash Triggers

When using more than one flash they should all be triggered from a single flash trigger port on the dropController. The additional flash trigger ports are designed to trigger flashes at different times rather than triggering multiple flashes at the same time.

For more details about using multiply flash guns see Using Multiple Flashes.


Full Set Up

Here is a single valve with one flash using a lab stand.

and here are 3 valves with 4 flash guns on a 2020 frame. There are 2 flash guns at the front and 2 behind the backdrop with coloured gels.

This is what the above flash looks like when fired through the back drop.

This is a really basic introduction to creating a water drop set up intended to get you started. Once you start taking photos it is a case of tailoring the set up to meet your own requirements and ideas.

For more information about equipment and stands have a look at the equipment guide.