dropControllerV4: Manual Valve Drain

dropControllerV4 has a very handy Manual Drain function that does not require the app. Here is how to use it.

dropControllerV4 manual drain function

To enter Manual Drain click the SEL button.

The screen will change to the Manual Drain menu.

Click the SEL button to increment the valve. The valve number increments; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. After valve 8, EXIT is displayed.

Pressing the SET button will open and close the currently selected valve.

To exit; press the SEL button until EXIT appears then click the SET button. You will return to the main display.


Web App

If the web app is open while using Manual Drain, the app will follow the dropController.

When the SEL button is pressed the app will open the Drain Page. Note that the menu and valve buttons in the app are not active.

When a valve is opened using the SET button, the app control turns green to show it is open.

When exiting Manual Drain, the app will return to the previous page.


Manual Drain can only be used when there are no active drops.
Drops cannot be made while using Manual Drain
Valves automatically close when incrementing the valve number and on EXIT.