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dropControllerV4 is the most advanced drop system available. It is an extremely precise system that uses a clear, easy to understand control panel. It looks nice too!

The dropController system has been developed over many years by drop enthusiasts for drop enthusiasts. It started life over 25 years ago as a purely DIY project and grew to become the ultimate water drop photography system.

dropControllerV4 makes it easy to start water drop photography and when you are ready, the advanced features and functions make experimentation easy and fun and allow you to take water drop photography as far as you wish.

  • 12v or 24v
  • 8 easy to connect valve ports
  • Up to 48 drops (can be extended). Any valve can have any drop.
  • Clear easy to use, easy to understand interface
  • Compatible with any modern wifi* or network enabled device**; smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC
  • Easy to use wifi connection wizard
  • Super fast multicore processor
  • Extremely accurate trigger times
  • LCD status screen
  • Fully updatable firmware with an easy to use update function
  • Local Mode or Network Mode. Connect directly to the dropControllerV4 or have the dropController connect to the local net work.
  • Convenient valve drain function
  • Place on the table top or mount to a stand

Includes new advanced features

  • Loop Mode with delta values
  • Shutter SYNC trigger. Set & forget
  • Loop Mode & Loop Mode drop times COPY

* 2.4ghz wifi
** Requires Javascript.

Loop Mode is the heart of the dropController. Loop Mode allows for easy collisions when starting and very advanced patterns and sequences after you get the hang of things.

Local mode

Connect directly to the dropController (requires a device with wifi such as a phone, tablet, or laptop).
Ideal for when a local wifi network is not available.

Network mode

Connect the dropController to your local network and then use any device connected to the same network such as a laptop, desktop PC, tablet, or phone.

Valve Drain

Valve Drain can be accessed in two ways.

  • Through the app. Use the valve drain buttons in the app. The app has to be active/connected.
  • Using the SEL and SET buttons on the controller. This does not require the app.

Flexible Setup

Single valve system
3 valve intermediate system

On The Front

  • SET: Set/confirm Button
  • SEL: Select Button
  • CAM: Camera Port
  • FT: Flash Trigger Port
  • AUX: Auxiliary Trigger Port

Reset Button

Used to reset the dropController (cycle the power). Useful when you want to clear the network credentials using the Set button.

Set/Confirm Button

Multifunction button:
– Used to clear the network credentials from memory.
– Used to display the current IP address & firmware version.
– Valve drain confirmation. Allows easy draining and cleaning.

Select Button

Used to enter Manual Drain Mode

Camera Port

3.5mm socket. Dual channel camera port. Connections for shutter and focus trigger.
If the focus trigger is not required it can be disabled on the Settings Page in the app. The focus trigger is required by some cameras when using bulb mode.

Flash Trigger Port

3.5mm socket. Single channel flash port.

Auxiliary Trigger Port

3.5mm socket. Additional single channel trigger port.
Can be used to trigger a second set of flashes, a second camera, or some gizmo that does something fancy.

On The Back

  • 8 Valve Ports (RCA sockets)
  • PWR: Power in (12v or 24v)

Valve Ports

RCA sockets numbered 1 to 8.
When the valve ports are active they output either 12v or 24v depending on the power supply being used.
Safety Note: Connect only suitable valves.

Power In

The dropController can be used as a 12v or 24v system. Simply use the appropriate power supply.
Safety Note: Use the correct valves with the correct power supply.
– 12v power supply with 12v valves, and
– 24v power supply with 24v

Control App

Clear, easy to use, fully featured built in webapp.

The webapp is built in to the dropControllerV4. No downloads. No clouds.

Wifi Connectivity

The dropControllerV4 is compatible with 2.4ghz wifi networks.

In The Box

  • 1 x 8 valve port dropControllerV4
  • 1 x 24v or 12v power supply
  • 1 x Shutter release lead
  • 1 x Flash trigger lead
  • 2 x 1.5m trigger lead extension
Many different power leads available. Many different shutter remote leads available.