Guide: Bottles/Reservoirs

For a long time I used drink bottles, especially bottles from sport drinks that had a nipple style top. I then moved to lab squirty bottles which I bought from the same place I got the retort stands. Later, when I upgraded the stand to 2020 extrusion I started using the T33 filter holders.


The lab squirty bottle has a tube that runs through the lid and this makes it easy to turn them in to a Mariotte syphon. A Mariotte syphon delivers a constant rate of flow regardless of the liquid level inside the bottle.

I remove the top tube and then make a small hole at the bottom and hot glue a piece of stiff tube in the hole. This then allows me to connect PVC tube.

East to fill, easy to clean.


For the aluminium frame I generally use T33 filter holders. A benefit of these is they have threaded connections so nozzles can be easily attached. It is slightly harder (only slightly) to create a Mariotte syphon though.

Because the bottles have threaded caps they can be connected directly to the solenoid valve using a double sided connector.

Another benefit of the filter holders is clips and attachments are available. I use the basic wall clips which I attach to my frame with cables ties. Cable ties are tight enough that the bottles are secure when full and when making drops but loose enough to slide around when I want to move the bottle. They also mean the bottles are easy to remove for cleaning.
Cable ties are a simple and effective way to hold the bottles to the frame.

The bottles and Valves & Bottle Sets are available in the dropController Shop