Cables and Leads

Canon 40D Shutter release cable

I have a Canon 40D which uses a proprietary N3 connector. I already had a Canon RS-80N3 shutter release cable but since it was expensive I did not want to destroy it. Instead I bought a cheap compatible release cable for about $5 and put a 3.5mm plug on the end.

dropController - Shutter Release Cable

Canon N3 Pins

Shutter Release

The shutter release is basically a couple of contact switches. Connect the focus pin to ground and the camera focuses. Connect the shutter pin to ground and a shot is taken.

For this particular cable; white is ground, red is +3V shutter release and blue is +3v focus. Other makes will have different colours.

The 3.5mm plug has the following connections:
dropController Shutter Release


Flash Cables

For the camera and flash connectors, the dropController uses standard 3.5m sockets and plugs. I chose these because they are very common and very cheap.

Flash guns typical use PC Sync connectors which means you need 3.5mm to PC sync cables. Luckily these are readily available.


Hot Shoe Adapters

If you have flash guns that do not have PC sync terminals there are hot shoe adapters available. These attach to the flash trigger plate and add either a socket or a small lead.


These are available for just about every type of flash. Search Amazon or ebay.


2 thoughts on “Cables and Leads”

  1. I own an sony A7Rmk2 and a sony F60M flash… All I need right now is three optocouplers and three RCA sockets, thanks to your wonderful work… I keep my fingers crossed for this device to work properly~

    Sony strobe system has a PC link of its own… Which i cant find it online… Can i use cheap canon or nikon flash with my A7Rmk2 camera? I am pretty certain that the answer is yes, but i want to make sure…..

    Or do you know anybody who succeeded in making a cable for sony strobe? Thank you in advance

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