Shop: dropController SFB +2 Valve Set

Frame and tray not included.

The ultimate water drop photography system. A lot can be done with a regular drops from above but shoot from below is a whole new world and a lot more fun. With a Shoot From Below, far more interesting collisions and shapes can be achieved.

The SFB system can also be used as a 3 valve drops from above system should you desire.


  • 1 x dropControllerV4mkII-8
  • 2 x Valve & Bottle Set
  • 1 x Shoot From Below Set
  • 1 x Shoot From Below Stand & Adaptor
  • 1 x Shoot From Below Nozzle Set
  • 3 x Valve Bracket
  • 1 x Additional Soft PVC Tube

Special set price US$549.00 / €499,00 / HK$4100.00

Price does not include shipping

The little nozzle on the air pump can easily be broken with rough treatment. Please handle with care.

Valve & Bottle Set49.00298.00
Shoot From Below Set149.001149.00
Shoot From Below Stand & Adaptor39.00139.00
Shoot From below Nozzle Set15.00115.00
Valve Bracket12.00336.00
Additional PVC Tube – 2m10.00110.00
Total Amount596.00
Special Price 549.00
Valve & Bottle Set45,00290,00
Shoot From Below Set140,001140,00
Shoot From Below Stand & Adaptor36,00136,00
Shoot From below Nozzle Set14,00114,00
Valve Bracket11,00311,00
Additional PVC Tube – 2m9,5019,50
Total Amount535,50
Special Price 499,00
Valve & Bottle Set375.002750.00
Shoot From Below Set1100.0011100.00
Shoot From Below Stand & Adaptor275.001275.00
Shoot From below Nozzle Set110.001110.00
Valve Bracket90.003270.00
Additional PVC Tube – 2m75.00175.00
Total Amount 4430.00
Special Price 4100.00