Introduction to dropControllerV3

dropController V3

dropControllerV3 is an advanced solenoid valve controller used for water drop photography. It has 6 valve ports, connections for camera and flash. I comes with free Android and Windows PC apps.

The dropController is controlled from a Windows program or an Android app. Sorry no IOS version.


Ports and Connections

1 – Arduino USB socket
2 – Camera shutter trigger port
3 – Flash trigger 1 port
4 – Flash trigger 2 port
5 – Flash trigger 3 port

Power socket and solenoid ports

1 – Power In
2 to 7 – Valve ports



The dropController can be used with either 12v or 24v power input. Match the power supply with valves using the same voltage; 12V power with 12V valves and 24 power with 24V valves.

dropControllers and valves available from this website to buy are 24v.



The two LEDs show the status.

  • Yellow – waiting / connected
  • Green – active

When first turned on the yellow LED will flash, showing the dropController is on but not connected. When a connection is made the yellow LED will turn on (stop blinking). When a drop sequence is sent to the dropController, the yellow LED turns off and the green LED come on. This shows there is an active sequence.