Introduction to dropControllerV3

dropControllerV3 is an advanced 6 valve controller for water drop photography.

New case introduced October 2021.

  • 6 valve ports
  • Shutter release port
  • 3 flash ports for creative use of flash triggers (can be fired at different times)
  • Free Android and Windows PC apps

dropControllerV3 is controlled from a Windows program or an Android app. Sorry no IOS version.


Ports and Connections

FT1 should be considered the main flash Trigger with FT2 & FT3 considered as auxiliary triggers.

dropController V3All ports and connections are exactly the same as the older design.



The dropController can be used with either 12v or 24v power input. This allows the controller to be used with 12v or 24V valves.
It is important to match the power supply voltage with the valve voltage. 12V power with 12V valves and 24V power with 24V valves.