dropControllerV4: First Drops Part 3. Finding a good Worthington Jet and getting taller jets

This guide will be rewritten. For now, please refer to the V3 guide which has the same work flow.


In the previous guide I introduced Loop Mode and used it to capture a falling drop which then became a Worthington Jet. The jet was not that impressive but it was a start! Let’s see if I can improve it.

What Makes A Good Worthington Jet?

There are several things that affect the size and shape of the jet;

  • Drop size
  • Drop height
  • Pressure
  • Bowl size and depth
  • Liquid

Some of these have more effect than others. Drop Size probably has the biggest effect with drop height or pressure coming somewhere second.

In the previous exercise I used a delta value (in Loop Mode) to automatically change the flash trigger time. This time I am going to use a delta to change the drop size. This will allow me to see what effect the drop size has on the Worthington Jet.


Finding a Good Worthington Jet

I am using the same set up as before but, initially at least, I am not going to use the camera or flash. I am going to use the dropController to make drops and just watch them fall. While doing this I will note the drop size for any drop that produces a nice Worthington Jet. Basically, I am going to eyeball it.