Connecting the dropController to a PC via Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth to connect to a computer is not fully supported. It works with older versions of Windows and third party Bluetooth dongles that create a single COM port only. It does not work with Windows 8 or 10 that have Bluetooth built in. Windows 8 and Windows 10 create two COM ports for Bluetooth Classic (one for receive, one for send) and is not compatible with the dropController at this time. The dropController uses a single COM port for both send and receive.

The example below uses a Windows 7 desktop system with a BlueSoleil Bluetooth dongle.


Here are the steps I use to connect to the dropController using a BlueSoleil Bluetooth dongle on a desktop computer.

Open the BlueSoleil Window.

Search for new devices.

The dropController is found and its mac address is displayed.

Right click the newly found device and select Search Services.

For the HC-06 I am using, 1 service is found.

Before we can connect we need to pair. Right click the Bluetooth device and select Pair.

This should bring up the Bluetooth Passkey Window.

Enter the PIN. In my case I have left it to the default 1234. If the PIN is correct the Bluetooth device should Pair.

You can now make a connection. Right click the Bluetooth device and select Connect Bluetooth SerialPort.
If this option is not available, select Search Services again.

A connection will be made. Take a note of the Serial Port (COM port). In my case it is COM27. You will need this when connecting to the dropController.

After a connection is made the Connected message is displayed.

Open the dropControllerPC program. Select the correct COMport. In my case it is COM 27

and click Connect.

If the world likes you, the Connect button will change to Dis-connect, the large START button will turn on and the green (waiting indicator) LED on the dropController device will be on.


You are now connected and ready to go.