Shop: Valve & Bottle Set: 24V Valve

Price: US$49.00 / €45,00 / HK$375.00

1 x Shako PU220AR-02 24V solenoid valve.
1 x Bottle
2 x Bottle clips
3 x 6mm ¼ NPT brass nozzles
1 x 2m valve lead
1 x PVC tube (around 50cm)


1 x Teflon tape
1 x Brass ¼ NPT double sided connector

The bottle caps have a standard ¼ NPT thread size. This is the same size as the solenoid valves and the same nozzles fit the valves and the bottles.

Double Sided Connector

The free double-sided connector allows the bottle to be directly attached to the valve.

Bottle Clips & Cable Ties

The style of clip makes it easy to move the bottles up and down to change the drop pressure.
Very easy to remove the bottle for cleaning.

I use cable ties to secure the bottles to the frame which I think works well (free cable ties included).

The clips can also be attached directly to 2020/4040 extrusion with a nut and bolt.

Nuts and bolts available free on request. Please mention you’d like them when you order. Don’t ask, you don’t get!

Valve & Bottle Set with 12V valve available here.

Valve wiring guide