Shop: Shoot From Below Set

Everything you need for a comprehensive shoot from below system, except the frame, that’s not included!

Price: US $149.00 / €140,00 / HK $1100.00

1 x Shako PU220AR-02 solenoid valve. 24v or 12v
1 x 2m valve lead
1 x air pump with 12v power supply
2 x bottles
4 x bottle clips
1 x pressure gauge*
1 x 4-way brass pipe fitting
1 x 3-way brass pipe fitting
2 x brass double connector
1 x end cap
1 x mini ball valve
2 x 8mm quick release connector
1 x 6mm quick release connector
1 x 4mm brass nozzle
2 x 6mm brass nozzle
2m 8mm PVC tube (fits 6mm nozzles)
1m 6mm PVC tube (fits 4mm nozzles)

Teflon tape
2 x 6mm brass nozzles.
1 x Manual ball valve

Free 6mm brass nozzles! The extra nozzles allow the valve to be separated from the bottle and also allows for the bottle and valve to be used for regular drops.
Free manual ball valve! Use as an extra relief valve or keep as a spare!

All fittings are 1/4″ NPT

*Pressure gauge: Appearance may change without notice
Style of fittings may change without notice.

Air Pump

The pump produces up to 10 or 11psi, enough pressure to hit most ceilings! Pressure is regulated using the ball valve;
– ball valve fully closed = full pressure,
– ball valve full open = no pressure.

The little nozzle on the air pump can easily be broken with rough treatment. Please handle with care.

Power Supply

12v power supply available with various style plugs. Please state country of use when ordering.

Shako PU220AR-02

12v and 24v valves available. Please state which voltage you prefer when enquiring.

Shoot From Below Set assembly guide.