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    Is it possible to use the Windows app but wirelessly via BT instead of direct wired connection to the Arduino?

    I’ve installed the windows app but it seems it wants a serial port to connect to so I’m guessing it wants a wired connection to the arduino.

    I’ve looked at the device manager list for ports and there are 4 BT ports (com 3-6) listed there but I must confess I’m not up on BT on a PC – only on mobile



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    Yes this is possible. SSP BT / BT Classic creates a COM port and this acts just like a serial cable. You need to pair the PC with the BT module used in the droipController to create the COM port. Once you have this select the port in the dropController Windows app.

    See This is for a BlueSoleil Bluetooth dongle but the process is similar for other dongles.

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    Just realised I changed the handshake for wired serial and this may no longer work.

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    Oh OK – so I’m not sure which is the answer then.

    I’m not using a dongle – my laptop has built in bluetooth. I’ve paired succesfully with the dropcontroller and when I look in my device manager I have 4 com ports set to 9600 8,N,1. When I open the windows app I’m given 4 com port choices 3,4,5,and 6 but I can’t connect through any of them

    It’s not a big deal if I have to use a cable but if it’s possible wirelessly it’s one less wire in the mix.


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    Actually I’ll add something to that. When I try to connect I get a ‘connecting’ message and that’s the end of it. I have to use task manager to kill the dropcontroller app – it never comes back and won’t close on its own.

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    I see the problem. It’s in the form1.vb file.
    If (count <= 12) Then

    receivedData = ReceiveSerialData()
    debug(“received data = ” & receivedData)

    If (receivedData = “H”) Then
    connected = True
    debug(“HELLO reply received”)


    Timer_checkConnect.Enabled = True
    timerConnectFlag.Text = “ON”

    End If

    The initial handshake is waiting for an H
    The response from the arduino sketch, though, is
    <V,,Nov 1 2018><HELLO>

    Any chance of getting a Windows build that will accept the appropriate handshake?


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    I’ve gone ahead and fixed it so that it works with the current handshake – it will only work with the current version of the Android BT app.

    If anyone needs it the .exe file can be found here. Just download the original from here and then overwrite the exe file with this one.

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    Sorry – there was a second <FTS> handshake that I hadn’t noticed. The build has been updated and now seems to work fine

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    As you have discovered the windows app and the android app expect different commands for the handshake. I know I had a reason for changing them but can’t remember why. Probably lazy programming.

    I am busy for the next week or two but when I get back I will try to update so that both usb and Bluetooth use the same commands again.

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    I have updated the apps and sketches. There is now just one Android app and one Windows app. These work with both V2 and V3 dropController devices. Both V2 and V3 now use the same commands again.

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