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      Dennis Dreyer

      I had too many thumbs when typing my last entry. Hopefully this time I am accurate.
      I have setup a 1 solenoid valve water drop system using an Arduino UNO micro-controller. I downloaded dropcontrollerBT_PC_009d and when attempting to compile it, get the message “Error compiling for board Arduino/ Genuine Uno”. I have successfully compiled other relatively simple sketches I have written, and was not expecting to have this sketch fail.
      I have subsequently found and downloaded the DropController Windows app Version from the download page, and upon extraction the .zip file, only get an empty folder with no .ino files contained. Please help!

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      What error message are you getting when trying to compile?

      The windows app is an exe file, not an ino file. Is your anti virus software removing the file?
      Inside the zip file is a folder => dropControllerPC_1.2.0.2.
      Inside the folder is a file => dropControllerPC.exe.

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      Dennis Dreyer

      My Norton Internet Security is removing the .exe file.

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      ronald augustin

      i will connect de windows app with the bluetooth (HC-06) connection but i can not connect them wit de windows laptop.
      he wil connect with mij phone with bluetooth.
      what do i wrong

      can jou tell me

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      Sorry for the delay in replying. Had to run some tests.

      On newer versions of Windows, Windows assigns 2 COM ports for Bluetooth Classic connections. One for receiving and one for sending.The dropController uses a single COM port for send and receive which means it is not possible to use Bluetooth with Windows 8/10 at this time.

      On my desktop I have a BlueSoleil Bluetooth dongle which creates a single COM port and so works with the dropController.

      I will look in to what is required to update the dropController firmware to accommodate 2 COM ports but cannot say how long this may be or if it is possible.

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