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      Jan R

      Hi Martyn
      Happy new year.
      great site, full of useful information, for newbies and experts alike.
      I am a newbie and recently started building a Bluetooth setup based on your drawings and info. I have the program up and running, to the stage where i can energise the solenoid with time delays for start and drop size. My valve is a Shako pu220ar 1/8″ and a 1/8″ barbed nozzle.
      My problem is inconsistent drop sizes, and also a drop forming on end of the nozzle after the valve as dropped and closed, again adding to inconsistent drop size.
      Any advice please, before i move on to the next stage?
      all the best
      Jan R

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      All I can really suggest is to experiment with different nozzles.

      If the solenoids have been left for a while, make some test drops to get the liquid levels up before making the actual photograph drops.

      I had a lot of issues with plastic nozzles, the brass ones gave better results but not perfect. I then started using small pieces of drinking straw and PVC pipe on the end of the nozzle which helped a lot.

      Also check that you have an air tight seal between the nozzles and the valve (use plumbers tape). If air can get in the water will slowly drip out and cause missed drops etc.

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      Jan R

      Thanks for the help, i will try as you said, and will update if it solved.

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