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      I plan to add:
      – A hardware switch to select either usb or Bluetooth
      – Maybe an LED to say if BT is active.
      – An extra flash trigger with independent settings

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      May also add external trigger(s). This would allow using the dropController with sensors like switches, sound, light, etc.

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        As for triggers, I would suggest:
        – sound trigger, maybe by using electret condenser mic
        – piezo trigger
        – IR photogate
        – crossbeam IR photogate
        – laser barrier

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      I wish to have two distinct circuits. One with Arduino and a 9V battery as power source. The second related to tip120 darlington as valve driver with 12 power in. And a flat cable that connects the first board to the second. So to use first circuit as portable trigger with the optional input you suggests. This is since a 12V power source binds to a home photo set, while a small circuit with a 9V battery is more portable also outdoor.
      And with the flat cable that carries D7, D8 and D9 signals to tip120 base. The idea is to have
      a) processor (arduino and optos) (9V)
      b) valve driver (12V)
      c) cable (D7,D8,D9, ground)
      d) optional trigger (connected to processor)

      I was trying to separate ciruit but I have some doubt on the ground signal.

      best regards

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      Ajay Dand

      Hi Martyn,

      I would like to suggest that some of the features on the Android app be improved and/or added. Here is a small wishlist below:

      a) Pause button when running the drop sequence in auto mode… this would allow to make changes in the other setup like flash, gels or simply to blow away the bubbles in the water etc.
      b) Ability to save the settings as favorite. This would be pretty useful to quickly save different settings based on the type of fluid one is working on, rather than get the timings etc. from scratch every time. It would be great, if we can also add some note to the favorite settings, so that we can save the details about fluid, height, flash timings etc. along with the settings.

      Hope this is possible. Thanks.

      Ajay Dand.

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      I actually had a pause button in an early version of the app. Removed because I never used it.
      When in loop mode, use the button option rather than the timer option to start the next sequence. Not so convenient when you want to go off and make coffee but gives you as much time as you need in between sequences.

      Having different save options is also possible, and again, an early version had this option. I will look in to the notes option but I have to say I find paper and pen far easier to use for notes than phones and tablets. Is this just me?

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      Something else I have in my dev. version, auto loop of the auto loop.

      This allows me to run the same sequence without intervention.
      I set the start times, the number of sequences (for example 10 times) and then run this on an infinite loop until I get bored. Would this be useful to anybody else?

      The code I use is not very polished but it can be tidied up if other people would use it.

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      Thanks for the opportunity to make suggestions
      I am planning to build this device and I shall make a minor mod to the circuit, On the flash pin I shall put a 4 channel optocoupler so that I can attach four flashes. I would suggest that for the next design you incorporate something like that only put all the flashes on separate pins and add the capability to control the flashes on separate delays.

      I think I read that you removed the drain feature. I would recommend you put that back in.

      I support a previous suggestion for keeping favourite settings, perhaps as a series of preferred settings. This could be done in the android/pc or in the arduino eeprom
      Thank you

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      Depending on the type of flashes you have there is a couple of ways to add more. If all are the same make and model (same trigger voltage) then headphone splitter cables can be used. Headphone splitter cables connect all the flash guns together in to a single circuit so you need to take care with trigger voltages.

      If you want something a little safer, then I have a flash trigger multiplier you can build. This uses optocouplers and each flash is seperate. This has one signal in and up to 4 out. See

      I will add a second flash trigger to the next version of the dropController. This will allow 2 separate trigger times.

      There are software valve drain switches in the apps so not having hardware switches is not the end of the world. I will admit though, the dropController I use has the hardware switches added.

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      Thank you for your response
      I saw the software drain buttons on the Android App just after I sent the last post.
      I already have built a flash and valve multiplexor for my camera Axe. It is pretty much the same as your design but with a different optoisolator. I like the idea of having all of the outputs in the same box however.
      Another feature I would like to see would be the option to connect something like a Poweswitch Tail so that an lamp can be switched off immediately before the shutter opens and on again when the shutter closes.
      Please don’t think I am giving you work assignments but some kind of tutorial on the arduino sketch would help others make their own mods

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