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    Gordon Gilfether

    Hello Martyn
    Sorry to trouble you again.
    Tried uploading the sketch to my Arduino Nano and kept getting the following error message a number of times (warning: invalid conversion from ‘const char’ to ‘char’ [-fpermissive]**).
    As I couldn’t get the sketch to upload I ran the compiler tool and got the same errors which also seemed to refer to process NewData. So after trying to research and understand what the errors referred to I went into the processNewData tab on the sketch and noticed that all the references to – receivedChars [0] = “” – the zero had double quotes. I changed these to single quotes i.e.- receivedChars [0] ”- ran the complier which came back with no errors and then uploaded to Arduino Nano without errors.
    I am totally unsure of whether I should have changed these lines in the code at all as I assume that others have already been using the sketch and have reported no errors.

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    I had this same problem, thank you

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    Hi Arnie,

    What OS do you have?
    What is the default language set to?
    What version of Arduino IDE

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