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    So my Shako valves/solenoids showed up today. I guess I didn’t look closely enough or read the guide well enough. I ordered and received 110v solenoids.

    I wasn’t planning on replacing the solenoids – I’m thinking I’ll just use the 5v or 12v arduino out (haven’t looked that far at the build yet) to latch a relay and drive them with line voltage.

    Has anybody had any experience doing that? I don’t see wny it should be a problem but I’ve never done this either 🙂


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    Using relays is certainly possible but I don’t know what effect this would have on timings (if any).

    If you can, I would suggest sending them back and getting DC versions. If you cannot send them back you may be able to buy just the electronic part. This part is often available fairly cheaply.

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    I’ll see what I can do. I was thinking about the timing issue last night and it seems to me that if there is some latency in whatever relay I use then it *should* at least be consistent. So if the timing is ‘wrong’ at least it will be wrong in a way that just requires a fudge factor.

    I won’t be able to send them back – I got a pretty good price on them – 2 for $25.00 plus $9 shipping. I’ll look for the electronic and see if that can be purchased separately.


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    I went on the Shako site. The 12vdc solenoids are available and cheap (under $10) but shipping from the UK is like $40. So…. I ordered two SSR’s (3-32VDC triggers, 24-408VAC load). They say <10ms latch and <10ms release time so hopefully they’ll be fine.

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