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      Hi Martyn,

      I’m setting out to use my completed controller – it seems to work great. Thanks so much for the build!

      Two questions.

      First – What’s the difference between using milk and using water? Is one easier than the other to capture collisions?

      Second – I was watching your video and notice that in it you’re triggering the flash and not the camera at all. To me that would indicate that you’re shooting in bulb mode in the dark, no? But the video looks like it’s shot in the light.

      Then each time after the flash triggers the preview display comes up on the camera even though you aren’t triggering the camera. How does that work?

      Actually 3rd question – what’s mirror lockup all about? I know how to use it on my camera – just put it in lockup mode, the shutter stays closed while the mirror is up and then the remote release just activates the shuttter – I use it for tack sharpness in low light – but how does it impact on the dropcontroller?


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      Hi Mark,

      Milk is thicker than water so gives better shapes than water. One on the first things most people do is start to add thickening agents to water such as guam gum. But if you are just starting out milk an gives some very good results.

      I use either bulb mode or a long shutter speed. This is explained somewhere on the website (can’t remember where).
      If you are a purist you can shoot in the dark but I have found a small apperture in dim light works as well.
      I used lights when making the video so you could see what I was doing:-)
      If I remember correctly I have the shutter speed at 500ms and had the flash trigger before the shutter closed. The benefit of using bulb mode is you don’t need to worry about the shutter speed. When using a fixed shutter speed you have to make sure the flash fires before the shutter closes.

      When using the flash to take the photo mirror lockup doesn’t really help. When triggering the camera to take the photo it does help.

      On mobile so sorry if there are typos.

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      Thanks – here’s my first successful shot – using water.

      This is gonna be fun. Next project is gonna be a high speed photography controller – I wanna catch some of the bees on my flowers next summer.

      Thanks again!

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      A good start. Brings back some happy memories. I spent a long time playing with regular water.

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