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    When I open the cover of the pu220-02a there are three terminals. Which 2 does the wiring goto and is there a polarity?

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    Two of the terminal connectors should be marked with a 1 and a 2.
    1 is positive, 2 is negative.

    The third, usually unmarked, terminal is the ground when ac is used. This can be left unconnected.

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    Actually I can find no markings what so ever. Here are some links to pics. Any ideas on which you would go with. I am guessing the two that are near each other but I see nothing in regard to polarity.


    You site is amazing. I have been lurking for a while. I actually have a version 3 circuit built and ready to test but am waiting on one mosfet to finish. Here are some pics if you would like to check it out. Thank you so much for all of the information without it this would have taken a very long time to accomplish.


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    Actually I got it. I put an ohm meter across the pins and the two closest to each other are connected so I am calling them ground. We will see, mosfet may actually come today. If not definitely Monday.

    Will keep you posted. Thanks again for everything!

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    Wait can a tip120 replace the irf97? If so I have extra of those.

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    Nice looking setup.

    In your photos, the bottom connectors are the ones to use.

    Not sure which mosfet you are referring to with IRF97, however, if this is the mosfet switching the values then TIP120s can be used but need to be connected slightly differently. Have a look at the version 2 circuit.

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