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      Christos Perdikomatis

      I have create a PCB for the drop controler v3
      I have a minor change in the circuit, i dint use the power regulator and the IRF9Z24N to control the power of the arduino and the corect polarity.
      Instead i have use a LM7805 and a 1N4007 to make the PCB more simple.
      My PCBs is not here yet so i can not test it so be careful if you use it.
      Feel free to edit or tet the pcb, have fun all.


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      Christos Perdikomatis

      Forgot to mention that this is a 3 solenoid version with no options for the extra inputs.

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      The design looks good. I am interested in how you get on with it.

      I am now thinking of changing the buck convertor to a 7805 or a 7808. I think this may make it a little easier to buy the parts. Wary of constantly changing the circuit though.

      If I use a 7808 the power can go to the vin pin then the Arduino can power the Bluetooth module. I had polarity issues with using the 5v pin hence the IRF9Z24N.

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