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      Hi there

      First off thanks so much for this. I’m just setting out to source the parts and get things together and am excited to get it all together.

      I’m going through my boxes of parts and I’ve found a bag full of SPX7005 which I believe are the equivalent of a 4N35. I’m a good solderer but know zip about electronics. Can I substitute these for the 4N25’s you’ve spec’ed?


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      I cannot find much information about the SPX7005 except that it is obsolete and may be the same as the 4N35.

      Run some tests. Assuming you have a modern camera and digital flash guns (low trigger voltages) set up a SPX7005 with 5V + resistor on the input side and a battery + resistor + LED on output side.

      If you have older equipment with higher trigger voltages I suggest buying optocouplers suitable for the voltages.

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      Thanks for taking a look. I couldn’t find any either. I bought it as part of a bulk parts pack from bgmicro and there’s no datasheet seemingly anywhere.

      I’m just gonna order a pack of 4N25’s from China on eBay. I ordered the solenoids on there so I’ll be waiting a month or so for parts anyways.

      Thanks again – looking forward to playing with this as a new facet of photography.

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