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    Hi Martyn,

    I’ve mostly built a dropController using an AirTac valve as I couldn’t source a Shako valve (at least in the UK).

    However, I’m a bit confused as to whether it’s better to use parallel or tapered nozzles with the valve. The description given here regarding jointing and longscrew threads suggests that I should be using the tapered thread (with the parallel female thread in the valve)…

    I wondered which type of nozzle thread you went for? I saw in another thread where you linked to a store on Taobao, but couldn’t make head nor tail of it!

    Finally, thanks for all of the useful info & insights on this site!


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    I think all my nozzles are 1/4″ NPT.

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    Ah, even more confusion! The data sheet for the AirTac has very little information. The eBay seller I bought the device from has it listed as a BSP thread. BSP is confusing in itself in that if the female part is 1/2″ you need to buy a 1/4″ male thread.

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    I purchased some 1/4″ BSPT x 1/8″ Hose ID nozzles which appear to fit fine.

    The interesting thing is that the nozzles are not 1/8″ internal diameter but 1/8″ external diameter. So the ID is about 2mm. I wonder if that’s too small? Will soon know!


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