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      Terrific product.
      I have been using a Camera axe but the user interface is poor and it only supports 4 solenoids.
      I designed my own circuit to support 6 valves and 4 flashes and started on the software
      Then I discovered this product and have changed direction.
      All the components I have ordered are fine for the Dropcontroller.
      I do Have one question.
      There is a comment that the library DigitallOPerformance will not work with the newer arduinos. What does this mean.
      The Nano I have on order has a different pin layout nthan the one illustrated and it can take 12v on the Vin pin.The pin layout is no big deal but I am concerned that there is an issue that I do not understand.
      Can anyone enlighten me

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      The Nano will be fine as long as it uses an ATMega328 or similar.

      DigitallOPerformance doesn’t work with the newer 32bit Arduinos or the latest non AVR chips. It works fine with all the 328 based ones though.
      DigitallOPerformance converts the Arduino digitalWrite command in to direct pin addressing. This makes switching the pins a lot faster.

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      Thank you very much
      I now just have to wait a million years for product from the far east to arrive

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