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    In dC v3, are the mosfets P or N channel (at the valve)? Can I use IRL520 if is a P channel?
    Thank You

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    The mosfets controlling the solenoid valves are N Channel and need to be logic level.

    N channel – switching low side (ground)
    Logic level – saturated at 3v-5v. Typically 4.5v.
    Also need as low a RDSon as possible.

    I am currently using IRL540s but these are end of life and there are now better options available (perfectly fine if this is what you have though). Once I find a replacement I will add a comment to the post.

    When looking for a suitable mosfet. Look for one that has a logic level voltage stated in the data sheet. It needs to give the RDSon value (in ohms) for 4.5v or 5v. If it only says 10v or 20v then its not logic level.

    For the IRL540
    Drain-Source On-State Resistance
    Symbol = RDSon
    VGS = 5.0V. ID=17A, resistance=0.077 ohm
    VGS = 4.0V. ID=14A, resistance=0.11 ohm

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    what is the reason of switching to MOSFET, any benefits as compared to TIP120

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    No voltage drop (TIPxxx have a bout a 2v voltage drop) and a switching speed improvement although this makes no real difference when controlling solenoids.

    On the other side. TIPxxxs are more robust.

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