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      Wim Nijholt

      Dear Martin,

      I want to ask you via this email for permission to use parts of your hard & software design. My goal is to replace the Arduino with an ESP32. The benefits: Onboard (BLE) bluetooth; WIFI onboard; SPIFFS to store any web pages locally; dual core @ 240 MHz.
      (GPIO voltage of ESP32 = 3.3v)

      If you don’t mind using some parts, are you possibly interested in viewing the results? I can of course send you the source + h / w design.

      I have no commercial interests, but in my (photography) circle of acquaintances I have already received a few requests to build a similar design.

      I would like to add the sensor mode again.

      I also want to make the interface web-enabled, so that the controller can be used from any device. That makes the platform independent.

      Awaiting your response.

      Wim Nijholt

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      I have no problem with this. The point of this project and website is to share information and have people to build drop controllers.

      There should not be any issues porting the code to the ESP32 and I would be very interested in your results, especially your findings with how accurate the ESP32 is for real time events.

      Some time ago I did experiments with accuracy and finer times. I tried faster MCUs and found that the processor did not really matter. The slowest part was and always will be the solenoid.

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      Wim Nijholt

      Hi Martyn,

      Small update…

      You are correct, the speed is not my biggest concern, but I would like to operate the device using a web interface.
      The advantage for me is the integration of BT and WiFi.
      The embedded SPIFFS filesystem allows local storage of HTML pages, without need of SD cards. And that for approx $4 (Aliexpress)

      Hardware design is tested and ready, 1 thing to do on the Analog input port.
      Digital imputport protected using an optocoupler

      More details on the following page: https://wimnijholt.nl/projects

      The current Arduino sketch can be used, just adapt the pin numbers.
      On the link you find the details regarding GPIO ports used.
      And one new include.

      The development of the code is on its way leaving the original code almost untouched. Just added some hooks to the web part. I hope I can show you the results in short while.

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      How is the progress on web application i really want to try this

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      Wim Nijholt

      Hi Martyn and others,

      Best wishes to you all!

      It is a while ago, but I must be honest, to do what I wanted took much more time then I expected. With some interruptions about one year now. And due to Covid-19 I had some extra spare time because I did not have to travel. But I finally have some results that I can show.
      I had to learn a couple of new things for dataexchange between the ESP and the user (web interface). I finally using a web service the best solution to connect the controller and keeps the user informed about the status. I also like the analog and digital input ports, since I want to use the device to replace all my other projects that were only build on a development pcb’s. such as my trigger for ‘Water Wigs’ and some other triggers I’ve build with an Arduino.
      Also tried to keep the interface one to one with the app.
      A lot of my code will be optimized later, but for now it is readable I think.
      I have the code available on my Github, notify me and I will give you access. When it is fully working I will make it public. Just load it into PlatformIO and compile it to any ESP32 if you just want to see how it looks. If you want use it on a breadboard with valves and triggers, use a 30 pins EPS32 DEVKITC ESP32-WROOM-32U.

      More information regarding the adaption of the PCB can be found later on my website. Working on it now.

      With the kindest regards,

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