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      Norman Docherty

      Hi Martyn, As a 70 year old hobbyist with no electronic knowledge, I really thought this would be beyond my scope, but because of your detailed info. and incredible patience with people like me, and your advice in the Forum section,I’ve got it up and running.!!
      I had a few problems along the way, most of them resolved in the forum, but I could not get my flash or camera to work. I damaged 2 of my green led’s, so I removed the third one and replaced them with a packet of new ones I’d just received, and the flash and camera started to work!I thought all green led’s were the same, I’m obviously wrong.
      Such a simple mistake through lack of knowledge, but I wanted to let you and any others know about it, just in case!
      Many thanks for this fabulous project.

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      I never know if this site is useful or not and so it is really nice to hear from people who have built the device. But remember, building the device is only the start.

      With hindsight, the inline LEDS are not such a good idea (means more current draw on the Arduino pin) and the LEDS just before the optocouplers can be safely removed. I included them to aid with debugging when I was first developing the device. That and the fact I like LEDS. I am now working on version 3 and this does not have the LEDs.

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        norman docherty

        Hi Martyn, you’re correct about building being just the beginning , it took me a few evenings to get a decent collision, (hence the late reply!) I have 3 different soleniod valves so I was getting bogged down and a bit frustrated, but I found that the length of the delivery nozzle on the solenoid can make a huge difference as the water left in the valve and nozzle can create problems with the second drop.
        I got 4 nozzles and cut them to different lengths and after some experimentation I found one that suits. I also write down and keep my good collision results, (the height from the end of the nozzle to the surface of the fluid is worth recording as well) and I bought an ebook by Corrie White called The Ultimate Guide to Water Drop Photography (worth every penny)
        Thanks to you and Corrie White, I’m getting some amazing results. Many thanks

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