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      Have anyone tested this project with Nikon camera bodies? I am planning to build this system for Nikon D750, was wondering if I need any changes / special cosiderations for Nikon

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      I have not used Nikon so the below should be checked.

      The Nikon D750 uses the MC-DC2 connector and looks to work by bringing the focus and shutter lines to ground the same as the Canon I have.

      Since the MC-DC2 connector is unique to Nikon it would probably be better to buy a cheap shutter release cable and repurpose it. This will also let you check how it works to confirm it is basic contact switches.

      Have a look at This is for Canon but it shows the inside of a shutter release and may give you some ideas of what to look for.

      see also:

      Not sot sure if this has the MC-DC2 connector but it looks likew you can get extension/adaptor leads that do not need modifying.

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      Tested with Nikon MC-DC-2 connector (cable was taken from my own shutter release), and everything worked perfectly, no changes required in your circuit design.

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      I have built the drop controller to the exact plan from Martyn and use it with a Nikon d5300. You do not use the dropcontroller to focus it would be impossible. The drop would be long gone before the camera had even started to focus. One must manually focus on the point where the drop is actually falling (use a pen pencil or something similar) then set your lens and camera body to manual focus and let the Dropcontroller do the triggering works perfectly with my D5300

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