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      Today after removing nozzle, i noticed traces of red food color from last photo session. I had used red food color along with xanthan gum.

      After the session, i had drained valve with approx 250ml of clean water. I guess that was not enough to clean food color from valve. What’s your recommendation to keep valve clean after each photo session (without dismantling valve)? Shall i run plenty of detergent water through valve?

      P.S. – I have refered your video to clean valve by dismantling. But I am interedted to know ways to clean without dismantling valve as regular practice.

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      If the valves are regularly used then simply rinse with warm soapy water and then rinse with clean water. Operating the plunger while they are rinsing helps a little (not sure how much though).

      If you are not planning to use the valve for a while, you really should dismantle the valve and give the inside a good clean.

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      Thanks for tip! Today i found my valve kinda stuck. I had just rinsed it 4 weeks ago after using xanthan gum water. Opened it up and cleaned internal spring etc. as shown in your video. All okbafter that.

      One questions – I shoot alternate week, means I will have to clean valves each time by dismantling. Will valve seals/ o rings go bad after repeated dismantling?

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      It’s what ever works for you and I’m probably not the best person to ask as I don’t clean the valves as well or as often as I should (look at the photo of the Airtak valve!)

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