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      Ray Phillips

      Hi Martyn, Thank you for creating such an inspiring Web site, so much that I am about to build my own controller. I have managed to get the same components that you have used including the box. I have a few questions about the build.
      1. I was unable to get the 2.2k ohm resistor, can I replace it with a 2k ohm resistor.
      2. You mentioned that in your next build you would build in drain switches, how could I include this in my build.
      3. How can I include an LED to indicate the Bluetooth is connected.
      4. You also said that you intend to fit a hardware switch to switch between USB & Bluetooth, do you have any details about this.
      I am intending to include the LED’s that you had on the breadboard onto my perf board, having them on daughterboard’s showing though holes in the box.
      I know very little about electronics, so this is definitely a leap in the dark. But your Web site is so instructive it gives me the confidence that I can build this unit. Thank you once again.

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      1. Yes. 2K on the TIP120 will be OK.

      2. There are a few ways/places you can add them.
      The easiest way is simply to add a 12/24v capable switch after the TIP120. The switch would go from TIP120 collector to TIP120 emitter and basically bypasses the TIP120.

      You can also look at the circuit for the breadboard version. This has the switch on the otherside of the TIP120.

      3. Use a BT module that has a STATE pin (normally HC-05). Wire the STATE pin to a LED + Resistor(100 ohm – 220 ohm) to GND. The STATE pin goes HIGH when a connection is made.

      4. The next version of the sketch will handle both Bluetooth and USB automatically.

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