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      I was going to solder all components this weekend, but I stopped after I read about a new version of the controller.

      My idea was to merge a dropcontrollerBT with a remote trigger with one sensor input. So I could shot also with sound, light, laser beam, and other any kind of input.

      My idea was to use only two analog inputs:
      a) one coming from the sensor (light, sound,etc)
      b) another to detect the kind of sensor and let arduino discover what kind of sensor (every sensor should have a resistor that get a different voltage to detect with the second input). that is

      +—5v—-<<——+—->> + 5v
      O—gnd—————->> gnd
      O—<<<—————->> signal

      This idea let me plan a controller that is not only for drops but also to take high speed photos, just linke smatrigger, triggertrap, pluto, etc.

      My plans are to use smartphone as User Interface and arduino+code+opto to drive the camera. And sensors are a plus to have a unique tool.

      For now, I am putting it on a breadboard. Sound sensor is coming from China, light sensor GY-30 has just arrived also a with a photoresistor to realize a laser beam (to swith on/off with another TIP120).
      What do you think of this proposal?

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      The early dropControllers were part of the larger project I called camControl. This was a multi-trigger device similar to others you have mentioned.

      When the dropController part of the project became fairly large I separated it and it became a dedicated drop device.

      Adding a trigger to the dropController is possible and if all you want is a simple single trigger input it would work fine. However, if you want more complex triggers and better control there are better solutions than modifying the dropController. Have a look at the cameraxe and Michael Ross’s High Speed Photo Trigger.

      If you want to get ideas for the electronics, take a look at the Hiviz website. Lots if useful stuff there.

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