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      Bert Meijer

      Hello Martyn.

      First thank you for this website. I build a dropcontroller myself, and the testrun was without any problems.

      I do have a question about the height of the first drop.
      It will not get higher then about 2 รก 2,5cm. My drop is coming from about 70cm, en falling in a bowl with about 4cm water (a mix of water, milk and a bit xantham gum)
      I tried drop of 10ms till 85ms, but only the thickness changed.
      Do you have a tip for me?


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      When using the frame, I generally have the nozzle bottom at about 40cm above the table top and use a range of containers; bowls, trays, and will often have to adjust things to get good Worthington Jets.
      I also have the bottle 20-30cm above the valve. This adds a little pressure to the liquid coming out of the nozzle.
      I should point out, these things change constantly depending on what I am doing.

      Things to consider.
      Almost everything impacts the drop size and quality of the drop; height, nozzle size, how clean the valve and nozzle are, the liquid, and, the distance of valve from bottle, and even the temperature of the liquid.

      Overly thick liquids tend to give short fat jets.
      Large diameter nozzles tend to produce large messy drops.
      Different containers and water depths react differently to the same sized drop. A drop size that works with a large tray containing 4cm water may not work well with a small bowl containing 10cm water.
      Clean drops produce better jets. Try to get clean separate drops rather than drips.
      More water in the bottom container is not always better. One of my favourite containers is a small soy sauce saucer that is about 2cm deep.

      From a single drop, I would expect to get 4-5cm jets without too much fine tuning. Please consider I have been doing this many years and most of my setting up is automatic now. Drop size could be anywhere from 20ms to 40ms using a 6mm brass nozzle and semi thick liquid.
      I may add a small piece of tube to the nozzle to help get better drops.

      To get really tall jets, you need to have 2 drops. The second following the first one quite closely. This is normally done by using a large first drop. The drop should separate on the way down. Have a look at If the liquid is too thick, the second drop may not form though.

      Since you are just starting, I would suggest using plain water in the bottom container and then trying different liquids for the drops. Milk without additives works fairly well. Have the nozzle 30-40cm height and experiment with different drop sizes. If you have the facility, also play with the distance between the bottle and the valve.

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      Bert Meijer

      Hello Martyn,

      Thank for your reply. I see a lot of things in my head what I can change.
      Today I will be testing again, thanks for the tips and tricks.

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