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      Jose Vargas

      I am in the process of building this wonderful project, many thanks to Martin for this.
      I tried to upload “dropController_14.0.0.3 _-_ Sketch” to arduino nano and it gives me the following error:

      parseNewdata.ino: In function ‘void parseNewData ()’:
      parseNewdata.ino: 63: 37: error: invalid conversion from ‘const char *’ to ‘char’ [-fpermissive]
      Compilation error

      I’ve seen in the forum that someone posted that he had the same error and that changing the computer had compiled everything well, in my case I could not solve it in any way, I tried on Mac and Win7, except disabled the line 63: “receivedChars [0] =” \ 0 “;”

      My question is there is some solution, about code I have no idea.
      I have used arduino 1.6.3 and the correct drivers for my arduino, and the library “digitalIOPerformance” in its folder. In fact I have uploaded it to Arduino Nano with the correction mentioned before, but I am still waiting for pieces and I do not know if I could work without that line of code.
      It is important for the correct functioning or it is only communication of the interface

      Sorry for my English “googletranslator”

      Thank you very much for your help

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      You need to add the digitalIOPerformance library.

      See the download page for a link.

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      Jose Vargas

      I already have it stuck in your folder, you have to do something to execute it correctly

      Thanks, Martin

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      Jose Vargas

      In this web page “” it is said that this error is due to the fact that on line 63 of parseNewData it says “receivedChars [0] =” \ 0 “; ” and should put “receivedChars [0] = ‘\ 0’;” that is, it would have to be changed (“) by (‘) in doing it it compiles well, I do not know if it would affect the correct execution of the program, when it finishes building it we will see

      Thank you very much anyway Martin for this project so excellent

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      Thanks for reporting back.

      I’ve never had this issue but I understand that double quotes can be an issue sometimes.

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