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      Jorge D. Benther


      I built the dropControllerBT and I am attempting to connect it via Bluetooth, using Windows 10 Enterprise. But, no success so far.

      I searched for the device on “Bluetooth & other devices” in Windows and I was able to find HC-06, then paired it. However, there is no option that I could see to connect it, as per instructed on Guide: “Connecting the dropController to a PC via Bluetooth” – “Connect Bluetooth SerialPort”. It is worth mentioning that I do not have BlueSoleil installed. Is this a requirement?

      Anyway, I tried to connect with DropControllerPC V14.0.0.4 on the COM port that is identified for the HC-06, but there was a message “ERROR! Cannot connect to the dropController”, even though the light on the Bluetooth board stopped blinking.

      I do not know what else to do. I hope to hear from you soon.

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      Jorge D. Benther

      Additionally, I have just plugged the USB cable and Windows has recognized it USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM5), but when I try to connect using Windows APP dropControllerPC v14.0.0.4 the ERROR! Cannot connect to the dropController message pops up again, unfortunately.

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        Connection is a two stage process:
        1 – app connects to the Bluetooth module
        2 – the app connects to the dropController sketch.

        If you are connecting to the BT module this I suspect the issue is with the connection between the Arduino and the BT module. Double check the connections; RX is pin 14 and TX is pin 15.

        SoftwareSerial BTserial(14, 15); // RX, TX

        I remember having this listed incorrectly in the past.

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      Make sure you are using version 2 of the sketch and app. These are the ones listed on the download page.
      dropControllerBT&PC Arduino Sketch version
      DropController Windows app. Version

      Using a USB connection try the following.

      1 – welcome message
      2 – handshake message

      Welcome message.

      1 – connect the dropController/Arduino to the PC and determine the COM port
      2 – open the Arduino IDE
      3 – open the serial monitor and select the dropController COM port
      4 – in the serial monitor set the baud rate to 9600 + Both NL +CR
      5 – reset the Arduino (or close and reopen the serial monitor)

      you should get the welcome message saying the firmware version and the date it was uploaded.


      1 – continue from above
      2 – in the serial monitor enter <HELLO> and click send.
      You should get a H reply.

      3 – enter <VERSION> and click send
      You should get the firmware version again.

      The above will confirm you have a working connection.

      If this works try the same using the Bluetooth connection. As you know, once you have paired a Classic BT module you get a COM port. Select this port when trying the above.

      For Bluetooth the handshake reply is HELLO not H

      Edit: sometimes, it take 2 tries for the Windows app to connect.

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      Jorge D. Benther

      Hi Martyn,

      First of all, thank you for your reply. I am trying the steps you wrote.

      I am using Arduino Genuino 1.8.8.

      So far, I didnt get the welcome message: “you should get the welcome message saying the firmware version and the date it was uploaded.” after connecting according to your instruction. Nor the commands <HELLO> and <VERSION> are working for USB. But, only <VERSION> is working when I try the BT com port (it shows <V,009c,dropControllerBT_PC_009c.ino,Aug 26 2017>).

      I can get the board info with USB (BN: Unknown board/VID:1A86/PID: 7523/SN: Upload any sketch to obtain it). I cant with BT.

      I need to add that I am dealing with the older board version with connections for 3 valves and 2 cameras only.

      I am not sure, but do you think it can be a problem during PORT COM recognition?

      USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM3) for USB properties PORT SETTINGS are: Bits per second: 9600; Data bits: 8; Parity: None; Stop bits: 1; and Flow control: None.

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      Jorge D. Benther

      Great news! I was able to connect with USB cable, since I downloaded the old version of PC app and sketch from http://www.dropcontroller.com website.

      Now, I just need to figure how to fix the Bluetooth connection problem.

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