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      I have purchased MOSFET’s to use rather than the octocouplers/relays used previously, however, as I am using a PC and Windows app to power the Arduino and operate my water drop setup, I see no need to incorporate the buck controller and HC 06 unit into my circuitry. I am using a separate 12v power supply to operate the solenoid valves. The balance of the v3 electrical circuit is as shown in your diagrams and images. Am I missing anything ?

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      Am I missing anything ?

      No, this is how I ran my breadboard version before adding Bluetooth.

      It may be worthwhile leaving space for the components just in case you want to add them later.

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      Hello Martyn

      I purchased the V3 circuit board and one or two other pieces from you recently.
      I assembled the controller adding the components I already had and used a 12v input to suit the solenoids I already had (Airtac). These are getting a bit grotty now and I am planning on changing to Shako. If I change my input to 24v I assume the pot on the buck converter would have to be reset to drop the 24v to 8v. Can I do this safely on the board without affecting the other components. I can remove the Nano but everything else soldered down. Alternatively would I get the same performance with a 12v Shako as I would with the 24v.
      I would be grateful if you could give me any advice on this.

      Gordon Gilfether

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      Hi Gordon,

      The output from the buck converter should be the same/very similar when using 12v or 24v but I would suggest always checking.

      The vcc out from the buck converter goes only to the vin on the Arduino (via a diode) so if you remove the Arduino the v out from the buck does not go any where. Please remember that the 12v/24v part of the circuit is still live through. This is the power to the valves and mosfets but these are not connected to the output from the buck.

      Make sure you remove the power before putting the Arduino back. I have just killed an Arduino by not doing so.

      Although there is a performance difference between 12v and 24v valves the reality is it is so small you won’t notice the difference. I decided to go exclusively with 24v for convenience. I live in a small apartment with very limited storage space and all my boxes of junk electronics and water drop equipment became too much and I had to start sorting them out.

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