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      Hi. Well done and many thanks for providing an excellent DIY approach to building one of these. It is much more cost effective from the looks of it, and you can use milk etc where most vendors frown on this.
      I had a question around programming, when you configure the timing via the phone, does this configure them on the arduino and then it takes over the timing? As in then you could switch your phone off? Also I have found the timing not to be very accurate on a few android devices.
      Also, do you have any plans to enable external triggers such as laser or sound etc? I have been thinking about a Pluto, but would prefer something more adjustable and flexible like your invention.

      Fantastic work again.



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      Hi Michael,

      I don’t understand reluctance to use milk. It is ideal for getting started; I still often use it. IMHO full fat cold works best.

      All timings are done on the Arduino. The apps send control codes to the Arduino. The Arduino then takes care of the timings. This is done once every drop sequence so you need the app for the next set of drops. If you are familiar with Arduino sketches take a look at the code. I have tried to comment it as much as possible and have also tried to make the code as readable as possible.

      See the beginning of the sketch for a list of the codes used.

      I am currently playing working on the sensor trigger part. But please be warned, this is a secondary function and I do not have a planned schedule. Ironically, the dropController is an off-shoot from a camera control system I built years ago. This became too complex so I separated the solenoid control part to form the dropController.

      If you are interested in a full camera control device have a look at Martin Ross’s high speed trigger: and also early versions of the cameraxe and I am sure a quick Google will get you many more.

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      Hi Martyn

      Thanks for the prompt reply and explaining how the process works. I have not looked at the arduino code as of yet, and I am assuming by sketch it is basically similar to C etc, but arduino style language. I used to have a old Commodore 64 and programmed that, so should be able to nut it out :).
      I think I will endeavour to build your project as it will do the job nicely from the looks of it and be more accurate than most other software/hardware combos. I look forward to seeing how you get on “playing” with the additional triggers. The other option you pointed me to looks good, however I think I probably would want something portable like the Pluto or MIOPS, however this design here…. this is awesome for its main use:)

      Once again many thanks for providing us your knowledge and design. Next stage is to look at the PCB side of things :). Thankfully I also have a good background in electronics, just not arduino, so let the fun begin 🙂



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