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    Gordon Gilfether

    Hello Martyn

    Sorry to trouble you. I built the version 2 Drop Controller breadboard version) some time ago and am having excellent results with it, so I am extremely grateful for all your hard work and for the fact that you have been willing to share it with others.
    However I thought that I would now try and build V3 on a protoboard and would be grateful for a little clarification. I noted that you had found an issue in the circuit diagram and updated it on 18/05/19 but I am a little confused with regard to the wiring of the auxiliary triggers. In the upper right of the circuit diagram you show the connections to the 3.5mm jack stereo socket viewed from the top and I can confirm that is the same as the ones I am using.
    According to that diagram the Right Hand rear pin connects to the mid point on the jack plug which according to circuit diagram is the data line. The Left Hand rear pin goes to the tip on the jack which according to the circuit diagram is VCC. The circuit diagram also shows that the resistor is on the data line.
    However when looking at the images of the breadboard version and protoboard version the data line from the Arduino appear to go to the Left hand rear pin which is the opposite of the little diagram of the jack socket in the upper right hand corner of the circuit diagram.
    I would be grateful if you could clarify which is correct and I apologise in advance if I am misreading something here.

    Best regards

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    you are correct. I have corrected the breadboard photos. Will work on the perfboard version next.

    As always, you should follow the circuit diagram rather than photos.

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    Corrected the perf board version and uploaded new photos. The photos should now match the circuit diagram. The circuit diagram has not changed.

    If you spot any more issues please let me know.

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    Gordon Gilfether

    Thanks for your help.

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    This is my assembly. Nano with shield, Bluetooth h05 and 4channel mosfet module.

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