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      Any idea why version will connect to my dropcontroller but the newest 2019.6.1.1 will not regardless of which DC version or BT Serial port I choose?


      I should have mentioned that I will frequently get ‘no reply received from the drop controller – do you want to continue’? I hit yes and it carries on working for a few then it fails again.


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      Hi Mark,

      It sounds like you are using version 2 with an old Arduino sketch.

      When I merged the apps I updated how the communication and acknowledgments worked. At the same time I updated the sketches.

      Please update the Arduino sketch to dropControllerV2 Arduino Sketch 2019_V2_001

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      norman docherty

      Hi Martin,I built version 2 DropController 1 year 9 months ago, It’s been brilliant and running faultlessly since then.
      I had to reset my phone a few days ago, put The new dropcontroller app. back on, paired it, but I can’t get it to connect via bluetooth. When I switch on, my HC06 is flashing as is my LED. When I try to connect, my HC06 light steadies but my LED keeps flashing and it will not connect. (I switched the Version button to 2) any ideas?

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      did you update the sketch on the Arduino?

      The new app uses a slightly different connection protocol so the sketch has to be updated.

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      norman docherty

      NO,I’ll update it, I assume it’s 2019-V2-001?

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      norman docherty

      Hi Martin, is the update i use 2019-v2-001?

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      Hi Norman,

      yes, that is the latest and the one that works with the new app.

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