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      Hello Martyn,

      When I try to connected the latest build of version 3 of the windows app over USB, I receive an error message : Error! can not connect to the drop controller.
      The waiting led goes from blinking to continuous on. The COM port is recognized by windows as COM3

      Due to the fact that I’m using the Arduino micro,I added a line in the setup section ( adding while(!serial) , see recommendation on the Arduino website) so that I could monitor the serial traffic. By doing this I can see an [HELLO] message from the dropcontroller in the serial monitor of the IDE.

      I can reproduce the hello message each time. This is what I could observe step by step:
      1) connecting Arduino micro to PC with usb cable
      2) running latest version of the windows app.
      3) Trying to connect with dropcontroller COM3. version3
      4) Open Arduino ide.
      5) open serial monitor –> [HELLO] message appears.
      6) Waiting Led is ON.

      Above steps have the same results if I use the Leonardo option.
      This is on Windows 10.

      For your information : Bluetooth module is not installed yet. I’m waiting for the parts.

      Hope you can help me otherwise I’m doomed 😉 .

      P.S In the latest build I had to replace
      receivedChars[0] = "";
      receivedChars[0] = '';
      in order to compile without errors . IDE version 1.6.3.

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      Correction :
      P.S In the latest build I had to replace
      receivedChars[0] = “/0”;
      receivedChars[0] = ‘/0’;
      in order to compile without errors . IDE version 1.6.3.

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      This seems to be a problem with some systems. I have never had an issue and ” works the same as ‘ for me (Windows 7 & Windows 8. IDE 163 and 185). However, I have changed all ” to ‘ in the latest updates posted yesterday.

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      Hi Martyn,

      Tonight I tried out your latest version of the dropcontroller 2019_V3_003.
      After downloading the sketch in the Arduino micro I still wasn’t able to connect with the windows app.

      I decided to dive into the VB source files that you made available.
      I’m totally not experienced with programing in VB but after looking to this video i was thinking to give it a try.

      In the video you can see the settings of how the serial port is configured (around minute 8). I configured the serial port in your application exactly like it was done in the video the only exception was the COM port which I changed to the COM port that my Arduino micro is connected (In my case COM3) and after compiling and creating an exe.

      TADA I was now able to connect with the Arduino micro and send commands from the windows app to the dropcontroller.
      I can’t hardly wait till my missing parts are arriving from amazon so that i can start building and serious testing.
      Can you please check this out if this work with the nano as well ?

      Regards ,

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      BTW I forgot to mention that I had to update visual studio to .NET framework 4.6.1
      rgds luc

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      Hi Luc,

      just had chance to review the serial connection for the Micro. The Micro uses the same chip as the Leonardo and the extra setting are DTR and RTS to TRUE. These are only required by the ATmega32U4 based Arduinos (Micro and Leonardo). I have a provision for this on the Settings tab, set Leonardo to YES.

      For the 328 based Arduinos these settings don’t really matter so I never changed them.

      In the VB source file the relevant part is at around line 359
      If (SET_LEO_BUT.Text = “ON”) Then
      SerialPort1.DtrEnable = True
      SerialPort1.RtsEnable = True
      End If

      Any COM port set in the designer is over-riding in code when you select a COM port from the drop down menu.

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