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    Hi Martyn

    Thanks for the guide it has been a great experience learning something new. Everything seems to work apart from the camera taking a photo. I use a Canon 760D/Rebel T6S and when it comes to taking the photo it just says busy but wont engage. I wrote a little sketch to check that the port is working correctly, By just making Pin 10 High and then low with a delay and then high again and it took photos fine. I did make simple one valve drop control arduino project where you press the button 2 drops from the valve and then a delay and the camera takes the photo. There was no focus on that project, My camera doesn’t need to focus before taking a photo and i have it in manual. I have tried with and without mirror lock and different trigger pulse, Do you know how i can resolve this problem.

    Many thanks


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    Disclaimer: I am only familiar with the Canon 40D and the below is a suggestion only. Double check before doing anything.

    The shutter release cables are non-powered so triggering the shutter should be the same as for the Canon 40D; close the connection to activate.

    On the 40D although the shutter triggers by shorting only the trigger connection, focus is required for other things like mirror lockup and bulb mode. The same behavior is found on other cameras as well. This is why I always advise using both the shutter and focus triggers even when you are not using focus. If you look at remote shutter release cables, you will see that they close the focus connection as well as the shutter connection.

    To test, you can manually close the connections and see if the shutter triggers. You just need a jack and some wires.

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    Hi Martyn

    Thank you for replying so quickly, After hours of trying to resolve the issue i decided to take the 3.5mm socket out and replaced it. After looking at the one i had taken out the connections were the opposite way round to your guide and the other sockets i had. everything is work as it should be and i am now one happy man. Thanks for your help and publishing this project.

    Kind regards


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