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    Brendon Muller

    Hi Martyn, firstly thank you for the great project and software to support it. I built my project some time ago and have had great results using the Windows PC software but have recently done the conversion of adding a BT module. I am getting my software to connect and the app runs and activates the solenoids but id not firing my camera. I t is connected to A Fujifilm X-H1 which uses the same cable release as Canon cameras with the 2,5mm jack but cant get tit to take pic from Android device. If I connect via USB and rub software on the computer, it works fine ! any advice would be appreciated. I do sometimes battle to get the app to connect to the BT module not sure if that could have something to do with it. The device picks it up fine, the app sees the module but sometimes wont connect.

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    The apps simply send the trigger times to the device and the control for the camera and flashes is fully contained in the device. This means, or would indicate, the issue is with the data the device is getting from the app.

    Since the dropController works if you use the usb connection I suspect you have the wrong Android app.
    Since you built the device sometime ago I presume you are using version 2. The app for this can be downloaded from the playstore.
    In the version 3 app I changed how some of the control codes work so it is not fully compatible with the version 2 hardware.

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    Brendon Muller

    Thanks Martyn, will take a look at drawings, I built my console about a year ago, so not too long but will try the V2 app and see what happens.

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    Brendon Muller

    Hi Martyn, where canI find version2 of the app, when I search I only find the one app and then a few BT apps under your name ?

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    Hi Brendon,

    version 2 is the one on the Playstore

    Had another thought. The sketch has been updated quite a bit.What sketch are you running? To download the latestr sketch see the download page.

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    Brendon Muller

    Hi Martyn, after building everything over to another board twice with no luck, I started messing around with trigger values, eventually had to set camera trigger to 500ms and now it is working, not sure is there is an issue having it so long or why but at least triggering now!

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    You really shouldn’t need 500ms (this is half a second). What camera are you using?

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    Brendon Muller

    The fastest I can go is 400ms Fujifilm X-H1

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    I tried researching this but haven’t got very far. I have a Fuji X-E2 and that works as expected.

    With the X-H1 are the trigger times consistent, meaning do you have the same trigger event at the same time every sequence?

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    Another thought, what remote trigger connection are you using; 2.5mm socket or usb?

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