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      I have been using 4 or 5 flash units triggered by a Neewer radio trigger units. Occasional late flashes result in ghosts that I attribute to the wireless triggers, so I have gone to direct firing each of 3 flash units from the three included flash triggers in the Arduino sketch. Would it be possible to use an FT pin to power 2 optocoupler circuits thereby running 4 flash units from the three flash triggers in the sketch ?

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      Hi Dennis,

      if you have all the flashes connected to the dropController why not link them all to a single flash trigger port. This can be done fairly easy with Y connectors or a simple flash trigger multiplier device. Have a look at the recently updated “Adding More Flashes (Flash Trigger Multipliers)” post (

      The Flash Trigger ports are not really designed to trigger multiply flashes at the same time. The extra ports are from when I was experimenting with different triggers and multiple exposures.

      It may be worth while checking your flashes for timing errors. I had a similar experience with my flashes and it turned out one of them had started firing a little bit later than the others.

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      I guess the simplest solution is the best. I will proceed with using splitters from a single port as you described on the “Adding More Flashes” page.

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