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      I am getting back into water drops after nearly 2 years off. My setup has used 12v dc solenoid valves, but in reviewing info, I see you have switched to 24v valves. Is there any specific advantage to using 24v valves vs 12v ?? I am using Airtac valves as you recommended a couple of years ago and did not want to have to reconfigure my circuitry from what I have already setup. I also am still using an octocoupler driving a relay to provide the on/off for the drop valves. Is there any advantage to using a MOSFET for that purpose rather than my octocoupler/relay ?

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      No real advantage using 24v valves although 24v valves open ever slightly faster. I had accumulated a lot of different power supplies and valves. When my main 12v power supply died I decided to settle on 24v and had a tidy up at the same time.

      Mosfets are much faster than relays and I wouldn’t normally recommend using relays, however, if you are happy with the results there is no reason to stop using them.

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