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John Jensen

Hi Martyn.

My thoughts exactly, and there’s really not much going on after the optocouplers.

1. My thoughts as well, but it looks like my flashes (Godox tt685) triggers on a flank or something, the pulse can be ridiculous short, but it would still doubletap. (Yes, past tense :-D)

2. 4 Godox TT685, I tested each individually, and trust me at low output, these suckers can cause epilectic seizures. it might be 5 ms, judged by the drop having moved 5-6 cm between each flash, and yup everything worked just nicely after switching back to the V2.

I managed to kind of fix the problem, although I still don’t know what was wrong, I was planning to make a breakout board for the optocouplers, as I wanted to double the camera connector, so I did just that, wired it quickly into the V3 and problems just went away. I’m still not sure what could have caused it, but happy times are here again 😉

Thanks again for a great design!