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Hi Martyn

Thanks for the prompt reply and explaining how the process works. I have not looked at the arduino code as of yet, and I am assuming by sketch it is basically similar to C etc, but arduino style language. I used to have a old Commodore 64 and programmed that, so should be able to nut it out :).
I think I will endeavour to build your project as it will do the job nicely from the looks of it and be more accurate than most other software/hardware combos. I look forward to seeing how you get on “playing” with the additional triggers. The other option you pointed me to looks good, however I think I probably would want something portable like the Pluto or MIOPS, however this design here…. this is awesome for its main use:)

Once again many thanks for providing us your knowledge and design. Next stage is to look at the PCB side of things :). Thankfully I also have a good background in electronics, just not arduino, so let the fun begin 🙂