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Hi Michael,

I don’t understand reluctance to use milk. It is ideal for getting started; I still often use it. IMHO full fat cold works best.

All timings are done on the Arduino. The apps send control codes to the Arduino. The Arduino then takes care of the timings. This is done once every drop sequence so you need the app for the next set of drops. If you are familiar with Arduino sketches take a look at the code. I have tried to comment it as much as possible and have also tried to make the code as readable as possible.

See the beginning of the sketch for a list of the codes used.

I am currently playing working on the sensor trigger part. But please be warned, this is a secondary function and I do not have a planned schedule. Ironically, the dropController is an off-shoot from a camera control system I built years ago. This became too complex so I separated the solenoid control part to form the dropController.

If you are interested in a full camera control device have a look at Martin Ross’s high speed trigger: and also early versions of the cameraxe and I am sure a quick Google will get you many more.

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