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Pierre Charpentier

Hi Pierre,

the photos look good. Nice start.

Thank you very much !

It is possible to add a second flash to V2 but not so straight forward. This is one of the reasons I went to V3 instead of V2.xx

Yes, I made all the wiring modifications to have a V3 system. I move all wires for respect the new I/O mapping of V3

To add a second flash, duplicate the circuit used for flash1. Connect to a spare pin (A2/D16, A3/D17, A4/D18). Add the code to set up the flash2 reference and the code to trigger it.

That’s why I preferd to move from V2 to V3 by using V3 arduino sketch and new app on phone. I prefer to not modifiy the arduino code if possible, i’am not ver skilled in software.

Search the sketches for FT1. This will show you all the places you need to add FT2. There a quite a few places you need to add code (dropController_2019_V2_001, makeDrops, parseDropData, processNewData) and I suspect it will take a while to get it working.

In the apps, you would need to select V3 so the extended controls become available.

Yes, I made test with V3 and all hardware wired for V3 but I encounter this starnge behaviour; I suspect a problem in the Phode APP. I will make tests with direct serial link with a laptaop to try to understand.

Thank you Martyn for this very good project and for your help.